Final Projects

With the dates of our final presentations being figured out, it is starting to set in that we need to get our information together! We have been sharing a lot of pertinent information to the viewers of our Facebook page, but have been lacking in responses from them.  As we work through new methods of evoking interactions with our viewers, it is time to get everything organized so we can present.

The presentation through Pecha Kucha that will be presented in Second Life. However, I am getting overwhelmed already! First of all, with the end of the semester beginning to wrap up, I have many final tests and exams to dedicate my time to, leaving me with a small amount of time to correspond with my group. Secondly, I have not had the time to really start playing with Pecha Kucha presentations, so I am unfamiliar with how they work.  It would be ideal if multiple group members will be able to work on the presentation at once, but I am not sure if that program has that luxury.  Also, uploading the presentation into Second Life sounds confusing.. unless we are to make it while online? That would make sense as to why we received ‘money’ to upload individual pictures for our presentation…

Hopefully this weekend my group will have game plan as to how we will begin creating our final project and working together will begin to alleviate my constantly increasing stress level.


6 thoughts on “Final Projects

  1. My group is also confused about getting the presentation / making the presentation on SL. Your posts have definitely been interesting and I am excited to see your final presentation!


  2. I agree whole heartedly with everyone else here that it has been a little stressful and hard to get everything together with finals coming up. Having to learn how to do something completely new is a challenge for all of us but the best of luck to everyone! I’m sure everything will turn out great!


  3. Oh! I forgot! This is completely random, but where did you get that picture from that you are using for the top of your page? I have one that I took on Cape Cod and they are extremely similar!


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