Do People Really Read This Stuff?

Our group is reaching out to the public and spreading awareness of different mental disorders each week. The Facebook page we created has a good amount of likes, but I am not sure we are reaching the community based on the results of our posts.  Each week, all four members are supposed to post three diverse mediums that pertain to the disease for the week.  Our page is linked to a Twitter account as well.  As we post information to the pages, we encourage feedback based on the type of media and it’s content, but no viewers have offered their opinions. For three weeks now, we have been hoping to interact with our viewers and understand what kind of media platforms are best for the viewers, to discuss what they have learned from the posts, and to learn how to make the page better. Receiving no feedback makes this a challenge.  What do you think would be a good way to get more viewer feedback? Any opinions and comments are welcome down below!


4 thoughts on “Do People Really Read This Stuff?

  1. Whenever I see any kind of post on Facebook for example there are always a ton of likes, but very few if any comments. Leaving a comment on a post takes effort, at least much more so than clicking like. People like to think that are making a difference or that they are gaining something. Maybe try offer some kind of insentive, maybe the chance to have their comment featured on a pinned post on the page.

    That might not be the best example, but some kind of reward for commenting might help.


  2. My first thought was an incentive also. It is sad that we, as people, cannot communicate and I think social media is partly to blame. Our instant satisfaction lifestyle is another culprit. If Like was not an option and the only option was to reply, how many people would reply? Social media has allowed us to become lazy and non-communicative. Many people think clicking like is a form of major communication.

    I have not seen your posts but perhaps the wording does not implicitly ask for a response? You said you encourage a response but how?

    Also, what is your content? Remember Humans of New York? One of the stories invoked me to think, wow, something similar happened to me! Had that been a springboard and I was asked to respond I may have. Do you have a springboard, or a personalized story people can relate to, or is it facts? A trigger, or starting point, for a response is helpful (wow, is that lazy too?).

    I admire your effort!


  3. I appreciate the options you have presented, as they seem like maybe going into a more personal route would maybe provoke responses from our viewers. We typically ask in our post if the viewers have learned anything or were surprised about what they’ve read. I think in the future, I may try to put a little personal touch into our postings to see how the readers react.


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