Can Social Media Ruin Your Chances at a Good Job?

Technology is a resource that companies use to research potential employees, and keeping personal information private that could harm an applicant’s chances of landing a job is crucial.  Tweets, statuses and pictures that have been uploaded online stay on the internet forever, and they are easy to dig up from the past.  Some tips and tricks were developed in order to keep media user’s information private if they so wish.  The first option is to alter the privacy settings on social medias.  This way only certain information can be viewed by other users that an individual does not know.  The article stated that deleting any sites that aren’t consistently of use prevents potential employers from viewing any unrestricted information. A final idea that could be enacted is to ensure employers find positive information that comes up in any search engines instead of negative material.  This takes more effort and time, as one would need to   ‘flooding’ Google current and encouraging information that will push embarrassing information into older search pages.

The idea of the article is to inform the population that they must be responsible about their social media, as it is a new way businesses scope out potential employees.  Ensuring that bosses find positive material on any viewable accounts is critical, and there are ways to go about that.  I feel that these options are important to keep in mind, but for me personally, I don’t need these tricks.  All of my medias have privacy settings, but that is not to keep certain people from looking at certain content I post.  I do not share anything online that I would be ashamed of if my family or my employers saw.  Some people however are not at conscious and they put their job at risk by not recognizing the harm of certain posts, and their occupation suffers greatly.–clean-up–online-to-land-that-job-103722398.html#l5UUSCZ

The instance where a person’s career was hindered due to a careless post on social media was  portrayed in an article covering Justine Sacco’s tweet as she flew to Africa. Sometimes we can be forgetful that a comment we make and feel is appropriate to share can be offensive to other people of different cultures.  It is so important to be mindful of any potential controversial content being posted on our media accounts.  Employers do not want to be associated with people who have no morals online.  Read more here:

A final scenario involved Dr. Phil and his twitter where a tweet was open to the public in hopes of receiving data to use for the next day discussion on his show.  However, the way the content was presented made Dr. Phil come across to the public as having the complete wrong intentions.  He apologized for the tweet, but his followers were outraged about the situation.

The final article can be used as a reminder to the public that framing an idea or question a certain way can portray a different angle on a situation that was not the idea of the creator.  Helpful tips for using media sources in the future: BE MINDFUL.  Also, respect other people’s rights to their opinions and how the information that will be presented to the internet can become skewed and altered.


One thought on “Can Social Media Ruin Your Chances at a Good Job?

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I’m like you, I am very conscious about what I post when I do post things on social media, and I used to be able to look around at my friends posts and think ‘why would you post that?’ It would either be disrespectful or something that could get them in trouble. They don’t understand the severity of posting things that they have done that could lead to them not getting a job or a promotion. I’m glad you put this out there it is a great topic to write about I think the younger generations now need to read more posts like this one so they are informed and will think more carefully about what they send out to the world. Be sure that you have shared this post around to spread the word!

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