Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Week

Today marks week three.  Three weeks of picking and deciding upon new mental health conditions to showcase and educate the public on.  This week, the group chose OCD as the disorder, and it is an interesting mental health subject.  There is a slight misconception the public does not realize, and bringing attention to that aspect will change the public’s view on the disorder.  The obsession does not solely root from wanting to be organized in every aspect of one’s life like a portion of society thinks.  Instead, individuals develop these uncontrollable habits because they feel threatened that something bad will happen if they don’t.  For example, a young woman may need to double and triple check before leaving the house that her house is locked because her whole family could die if it is left open.

I have come to realize that I think that communication is even more necessary than the work we are responsible to complete. As a group, we have been trying to keep up with the quantity of posts we originally agreed to. However, with everyone’s busy schedules, sometimes this does not happen.  Other classes take priority due to an upcoming test, or personal responsibilities demand immediate attention. Last week as a group, we did not post as often as we should have, and our Facebook page we use to communicate with one another was not utilized.  I think this week will be a better week, because most of us have already communicated that we will try to make more time to add to our Mental Health page more consistently.  Personally, I have a better attitude about this week as a group because I know what each group member is going to get done this week.  When we do not keep in touch it makes me think members do not care about our project and it depletes my motivation to complete my portion of the project.  And I am sure that my group members feel the same way, as I was not in communication with them last week either.

This is an important lesson to keep in mind moving forward.  If I know I am having a busy week working on other classes, still let my peers know I am going to be missing in action, but I will pick back up next week.  That way my team does not think I am being irresponsible and a bad team member.


2 thoughts on “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Week

  1. I think this topic is great because mental illness does have such a stigma associated with it. There is surprising lack of understanding about mental illnesses considering how common it is. Trying to broaden the public’s understanding of these illnesses is a very worth while endeavor. Nice work!


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