Today’s the Day

I have already blogged about our group coming across a topic we would like to bring into the limelight, but have kept it quiet until now.  Our team has decided upon highlighting mental illnesses and creating mediums that viewers are able to openly discuss their feelings.  We came up with the idea to post about a new disorder a week, ensuring that people are able to learn a little bit about some diverse mental conditions over the course of the next five weeks.

We created a Facebook page and a Twitter account ( that aren’t linked yet) that will appeal to different viewers.  (Hey, this ties in with the medium being part of the message!) Twitter allows shorter, more precise posts to be shared which is good for people who want facts that are short and sweet.  With this in mind, all week we will be tweeting facts about schizophrenia.  The Facebook page has an endless character limit in postings, so on that site, our group is able to post a link that may be a video, article or song, along with a summary of what the link entails.  I think Facebook is a site that is geared for communication, so I think that is where we will get most viewer interaction.  We have posted our first link that introduces a survey about schizophrenia to viewers. We included in the post to comment any feelings or opinions underneath the link so hopefully viewers worldwide are able to express themselves and interact with one another.

Also, we are still looking for a mental health group in Second Life that we could become associated with. In time we will share this page, but for now this is what we have! Like our pages so we are able to share some great information with you too!


2 thoughts on “Today’s the Day

  1. I think this is an awesome idea to bring awareness about. I have worked with people with different mental illness issues for school and it is really important for the general public to understand these types of disorders and what they consist of. Bringing about awareness and using different mediums will definitely be interesting and i’m excited to hear more about your project.


    1. Wow, this effort is amazing! Great idea, great execution!
      Kudos to you and your group for thinking this through and pulling it off. Did it drive you crazy when that silver dress, or anything senseless, went viral? Does it make you wonder, why can’t my social media go viral because it can actually help people?

      I cannot help but wonder if marketing executives replicate something like the dress in an effort to draw attention to a product? It may happen every day but since my social media exposure is close to nothing outside of this class I do not see it. I see social media as yet another place to be bombarded with unnecessary junk. Although I guess, like real life, we need to weed through the junk to get to the good stuff!


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