Communication Obstacles

Our group project has started out very well.  Members that are available have been fairly consistent with meeting up in Second Life to communicate our ideas more effectively.  However, I wish all the group members could meet at another time in Second Life so we could speak to one another.  Using our Facebook page to communicate is nice, but hearing each other’s voices is a quicker and more effective method. I think discussing options on how to move forward in an orderly manner is quicker when everyone is actively listening and can give their input of the situation easier.

Sometimes through Facebook when discussing a certain idea, we must wait for everyone to reply when they have the time to.  Based on past experiences, waiting for everyone to give their opinion or approval so we can move forward can take a full day or two.  I feel like with the time frame that we have left, we cannot afford to be passively waiting on others.

Meeting in Second Life is more efficient in communicating ideas because we are all together for about thirty minutes and we can solely focus on what we need to do to for the week.  It is more challenging to meet with all the members due to our busy schedules as college students and the time difference between countries does not help our cause.  The hardships of meeting in Second Life are small compared to the amount of work we accomplish I feel we make in a short period of time.  There is always room for improved communication methods, and maybe in a few weeks, we will find a better, more efficient way to chat among all members of our group.


3 thoughts on “Communication Obstacles

    1. I like that my team is using multiple sources of communication because that ensures we are interacting with one another through at least one platform!


  1. I feel like this course could have been named “Communication Barriers” because it seems we all are having the same problem. I’m starting to think that this project is testing us more on our ability to communicate virtually than it is on our ability to research and advocate for a charity.

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