Are Mediums the Message?

After reading “Painfully Coming to Grips with ‘The Medium is the Message”, I finished the blog with a different perspective of technology and how it relates the human nature.  To be quite honest, the beginning of the article did not pertain to me and I felt disconnected from the point of the blog.  Half way through however, concepts started clicking in my head.  The message originates from Marshal McLuhan, a man who understood the relationship between humans and technology well before his time.  He believed the medium that content is expressed can be more influential than the subject matter itself.

People may refer to technology as a tool to express their opinions, but McLuhan used the idea of it as an extension to a human being.  So for example, a laptop is an extension of me at this very moment because I am utilizing it to articulate my thoughts for others to view.  This is a great abstract teaching concept that all students should become aware of.  Technology and media platforms are nothing without the human component just as we cannot fully convey ourselves without the help of various mediums to get our point across.  I believe learning this notion will motivate the technologically savvy generation to get the most out of their learning experience through diverse extensions that are readily available to them.

Here’s the link if anyone would like to read the original article.


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