Social Media’s Good in the Workplace?

Companies are always brainstorming new methods of advertising their brand to the public.  This time period has focused on the technology to advance their name, and this has been both a concern and a great advancement.  After reading, “Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do?” I was able to accept both sides of such scenarios more openly.  As previously stated, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and LinkedIn are modern ways to connect with a vast majority of the population. People who are not familiar with certain companies become more aware of their brands they wish to share with the world due to the easy access to the information as seen in the Internet.

The problem with this concept is that certain employees within a company are more familiar with technological advances more than others.  So, how do workers receive an equal workload that compares to the amount of work the more savvy media worker completes? Also, should just a few people be the voice for bigger, more well known companies? These kinds of decisions are not black and white, and require further evaluation.

In the long run, I believe each company decides upon solutions to these problems that may differ among other company policies.  As long as the employees and employers believe their conclusion is fair and provides justice, that is all that matters.  The article referred to the social media coworkers as “ambassadors for the brand’s voice”, and I agree with that.  Having a voice for the company is a great way to reach out to diverse media users.  Workers who may not excel with the newer technologies could provide for the company in other ways that other coworkers cannot.  Again, as long as the company believes however they promote their brand is effective and uses the potential of all their coworkers, I feel the methods they go about voicing their brand is right for them.


One thought on “Social Media’s Good in the Workplace?

  1. You voice an interesting perspective on this issue. For example, do you think it would be good to have students be voices for their universities?
    A link to the article would help your readers, so they could read it themselves and see the details.


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