Humans of New York

This blog really spoke to me as a human.  The account captures insight of people who are traveling through New York on their day off, or on a tour of the city The photographer takes a picture of an individual and records a quote as they speak about their past experiences that have molded them into the person they are today. He photographs scenarios that most people would pass by and not enjoy the way this man, Brandon, does.  I am a people person and this blog is a way to get to meet different people and read a small excerpt into their life.

I think that with Brandon capturing precious photos of people in New York brings an element of pure happiness onto social medias.  Sometimes, people can have negative thoughts or reflections that they share with others, and this type of media can counteract those kinds of posts.  He takes something that people take for granted like walking down the road with a child, and transforms it into a piece of art accommodated with a slice of conversation from the model in the picture.

Brandon is an inspiration to everyone of his fellow bloggers.  He shows it’s possible to find something uplifting in any situation, and that we can, too.


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