Branching Out Troubles

One goal for the week was to meet some new people in Second Life whom we have hobbies or interests in common.  I was able to to find a new location as well as a new friend who I have come to admire.  I teleported to Crystal Garden Estates and crashed a party.  Well, I wouldn’t consider it crashing because I didn’t bother the people who were enjoying themselves there- in fact they encouraged me to join them! There was a large dance floor filled with about thirty people dancing to some great music that I found out was being streamed live from Indianapolis, Indiana.  The man who was streaming the tunes was also up on the stage playing his guitar.  I learned his name was Dimi, and he is one of those people who just radiates kindness.  He comes to this location every Tuesday night to play music for his group of friends who love to listen.  In fact, this party was for Dimi himself.  Everyone was in the group chat messaging one another saying “Happy Rez Day”. I am unsure of the correlation between Dimi and the Rez Day, but I really admired Dimi’s friends throwing him a party and celebrating the love that the group of friends has for one another.

I found a sports center where people can play sports like basketball and volleyball, which is what I like to play.  However, anytime I am logged on to Second Life, no one is around.  I am going to try another time, but so far I have not gotten to play with anyone.  I have met a few other people throughout my journey.  But they haven’t been willing to talk very much to me as a newbie.  It is tiring to try to make conversation with people, and they have not been very vocal about anything.. This has happened to me on multiple occasions, and I must be honest I am getting frustrated.  Before I had no problem with meeting people.


2 thoughts on “Branching Out Troubles

  1. Something to know about SL: Rez Day is your SL ‘birthday’ – the day you started SL.

    Here in SL, people take or prefer different approaches to meeting and visiting with others (whether a newbie or not). Many seem to prefer an IM to visit. Some like to see that a person is willing to use open chat before they spend time in IM. And a few don’t take too kindly to avatars who look like newbies – they prefer someone who is ‘serious’ about SL before they spend much time and energy with them. Just my observations over the years.


    1. That definitely explains the cake that was available for Dimi and his friends! This is good to know regarding future approaches with fellow users. Just like real life, some people prefer different methods of communication to get to know each other- and it’s good to keep in mind.


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