Meet Up Messes

Working in a collaborative group is never as simple as one could hope.  Our group has not been able to meet with all the team members at one point in time.  This is the first week of working with the team, and it has proven difficult and I am taking this as a precursor to the next few weeks as we begin to sort out our agendas.  All four members have busy schedules, and with the four hour time difference between the two countries, it has posed a challenge to find an effective meeting time.

The first step our group has taken has been to add one another on Facebook.  There is a Second Life Project Group that we can share ideas and post progress we have completed.  I feel this is a great way to begin to get to know one another and to bounce ideas off each other.  Personally, I have found Facebook works best for me because I am using my personal account that I can access on my phone throughout the day.  Here my team members are able to keep up to date on me as a friend which can help strengthen our friendship throughout the course.  Certain platforms, like Twitter that we utilize in this class, is not as easy for me to access throughout the day as a means of communication for the group.  I have a personal and an academic account; however my personal account is set up through my phone whereas the computer holds my academic account. I have created each account for different devices as a means of organization for me, but it would prove as a threat to our team’s success if I used this type of platform.

All in all, I don’t feel my team is behind in our progress. However I feel we could be moving farther along than we are. With more tasks to complete I think we will be able to work together to finish them in a timely manner.


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