Society knows there are more than one right answer to any given situation.  Usually, however, after coming across one solution a person may be satisfied and cease to search for any other alternative answers.  In my virtual journey, I was settling with one answer regarding a question the class had discussed.  The question asked what students wanted to get out of the class that was centered around communicating inside virtual worlds.  My goal for the course was to advertise my personal brand as I do in the real world because that is what I use it for.

After reading an article, it helped me understand a second alternate answer.  People in society use social medias and sites online to communicate with others and reach out to potential customers, yes. Some use the internet as a way to escape reality and relax as a leisure activity. A third motive behind using programs that are based online that I never took into account was for creativity purposes.  According to Virtual Anthropology and Prometheus Myth, virtuality triggers [human] creativity in manipulating objects and creating complex structures.

Thinking about this take on virtual worlds and media accounts brought a whole new level as to why people enjoy them as much as they do.  Certain jobs are specifically for employers to use their creativity, but some are not.  There are occupations in the world that do not allow such creative thought due to the need of structure.  For example, nursing procedures during a tracheostomy cleaning must be preformed in order to ensure the sterile equipment does not become infected which would cause a future infection.  Virtual worlds are a great way for people to explore and advance their creativity.  Just think how creative an avatar can get when someone puts their mind to it.  Assembling a blog is another way for people to get creative, and until today, I can say I never thought of using online worlds in that way.


Virtual Anthropology and Prometheus Myth: Where is the connection? (2012, October 27). Retrieved February 14, 2015, from


3 thoughts on “Virtuality

  1. I think this is an interesting take on the virtual world. The idea that the virtual world could be used as a way to out-pore one’s pent up creativity is something that would be interesting to explore further.


    1. I couldn’t agree more- this is a new view of online medias that I never though of before introducing myself to this article. It was interesting learning the method behind another person’s opinion.


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