Teleporting.. Oh My!

The last time I was on SL I had acquired some new landmarks that I had not teleported to.  Second Life is about exploring and connecting with people, so why not explore some new places?

The first place is Key Largo Island.  This place was interesting to explore.  At first I was in a resort of some sorts.  I left that because nothing particularly interesting was happening.  (I do believe it was very late at night in the virtual world.)  The resort was next to the ocean, so I was able to sit on a swing tied to a palm tree.  I took a picture of this scenario to capture the moment and posted to my Second Life profile. Next I was able to go underwater and explore.  Whether it is or my lack of expertise or the program does not enable us to do so, I was not able to swim in the ocean.  I walked across the ocean floor and found an icon, so I clicked on it.  This enabled me to dance underwater! After exploring Key Largo Island, I found this location was a fun place to meet new people assuming one would explore at time best for meeting others. If anyone learns how to swim in the water, let me know as I think this would be a fun activity!

The next stop was at Muddy’s Cafe.  As soon as I arrived at the destination, I knew this was the place to be.  There were many people in the middle of the cafe dancing almost as if they were in a flash mob. Today’s newest music was playing and everyone was dancing in perfect rhythm.  I spoke with a fellow and asked him what he likes to do around the area and he said he typically hangs out and socializes in Muddy’s.  This location is for those who like to dance and meet new people.  He sent me a landmark, which sent me to the third and final location I discovered for the day.

Mirromere was the final stop.  This location was full of nature and was intended for exploring.  There is a river winding through vibrant plans and flowers scattered all over the premises.  I located a small pavilion and sat down to enjoy the view and drink a cup of tea.  This area in Second Life was surprising for me because I was under the impression that this virtual world was intended as a way to meet new people and socialize.  However, I was happy to find a place like this one, as there were not a lot of visitors because this is a smaller location to visit.  I liked the idea that there are areas where one can sit and relax instead of participating in dance parties all the time.

This location would be a great place for my group to teleport to discuss our project ideas.  As I have said, it is a quiet place to enjoy classmate’s company as we work through ideas together.


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