Personal Branding

Creating an online profile through media sites may sound like a simple process.  However, when being used in an academic or professional way, social media needs to be published in tasteful and educated manner to earn respect from fellow classmates or future bosses.

The article I read describes ten steps that work to help users promote their personal brand.  In a nut shell, once the user has identified their brand by realizing what they’re passionate about or what they want to showcase, they must advertise it.  Using multiple sources of social media and similar pictures to portray and advocate for your individual brand.  At this point, it reinforces the personal brand by voicing opinions for readers to view.

This article is relevant to this course because all the students are in the process of creating their social media.  In the future it is important to retain the information presented in the article because future employers use virtual accounts to view potential employees.  Basically whether for academic or professional use, personal branding is essential for other users to understand through your account what you bring to the table in any type of setting.


2 thoughts on “Personal Branding

  1. I think using multiple accounts like we have in this class is a great way to promote our individual brands. It allows for different types of ways to express how we feel about any particular situation. For example, Twitter is platform that is generally used for short tweets that can address a main point where in a blog, the user can have more room to elaborate their ideas. It is nice for users to identify which type of media platform is right for their personality to use as well. I know I prefer to elaborate my feelings, so blogging is how I express myself.


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