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I’ve decided to branch out and explore areas that I enjoy reading for leisure.  I have found blogs dedicated to fashion and clothing as well as comedy.  There have not been any recent posts regarding any hilarious topics, but am anxiously waiting for one because I could use a good laugh.  Stumbling on a good blog is the equivalent of finding that last sweater in your size at the department store.  A sense of achievement is rewarded to the lucky owner of the last medium purple cardigan.  Okay, so maybe stumbling upon this blog wasn’t quite as gratifying as that, but I knew I had found something great.

This blog is primarily dedicated to DIY crafters. For anyone who is interested in creating easy works of art, check out:  Ali is a young adult who shares her successes not only as a crafter, but as a cook also.  She has organized her projects into easier or more complicated crafts for viewers to easily distinguish.  There are crafts that can be made for keeping children occupied during long car rides, or gift ideas for friends and family.  They range from homemade soaps and DIY t-shirts to home decor ideas.  Ali has made sweet treats for loved ones as well. She has a pup she bakes for and the recipes she designs are simple and easy to follow.

For anyone who enjoys leisurely reading about easy and fun projects, this blog is for you! Personally, I am looking into living in an apartment which requires me to decorate the place.  Learning new decor ideas has me excited to start crafting and preparing for my new living space.  A fun and easy decoration I have found from Ali’s blog is creating a 3D name plate.

Happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “Blog Exploring

  1. I also really enjoy reading about fashion and DIY projects. I especially am a fan of pinterest. I took a look at this blog too and thought some of her ideas were great. Please share anytime you come across a blog like this one because id love to read it and let me know of any other good websites/blogs to look at for fashion and DIY projects.


    1. Crafting is such a good way to spend free time because I always want to make art for fun and it’s something I can feel proud of once I’m finished! I will be sure to continue share my great finds, and you do the same. I’m interested in what other people like to create, so I can get some inspiration from them.

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  2. I feel like the blogger is someone who loves to share their successes with others to pass on inspiration. She is an “everyday woman” with a creative mind that is constantly thinking of new ways to create art from household items. Ali blogs on a fixed schedule, so fellow bloggers can stay up to date with projects that her family enjoys. I appreciate this as I feel it is a way to connect with others because she loves what she does, which makes her relate to her readers. She integrates her family into her blog often, as they have their own tab of information, and she makes treats and crafts for them. I think Ali’s blog is a replica of her real identity, and I appreciate seeing that. She has a bubbly personality and enjoys the little things in life such as creating a toy that children love playing with. Reading through her blog, I feel as if I know her on a personal level because she lets readers into her own world.


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