Apologies! SL Visits

Blogging is a new and different way of communication to some users.  With a different territory comes the curve one must overcome to use it properly.  I have realized that when I first created my blog, that actually I created two! I have tried to discontinue one blog as I do not need it. However, sometimes technology can get complicated, and then the user is left confused.  Currently that user is me.

It turns out when I was blogging about my experience navigating through SL, I must have been logged on into my other blog that I wish to not use.  I have traveled to a cool new place and I want to share it with my fellow bloggers.  (Read this blog to know where I traveled to.) https://emilyswaim.wordpress.com/

My To Do list has gained another chore for this evening.  I am going to figure out how to delete my other blog, as it has caused me confusion, and I am sure other bloggers do not appreciate my dual postings.


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