Who’s Blog is Better?

Tonight I began searching through some of the blogs that were mentioned.

The first blog was Dreamscape Diary.  It was orientated towards his personal successes with technology and implementing it into college level classes.  In the long run, it will help students effectively communicate through more computer based situations. While reading the posts, it is evident the professor is passionate about using technology in the world to help further academic and professional development.

Dolce Merda is an interesting blog that focuses on revamping advertisements.  The blogger has recreated a restaurant’s menu and weekly specials using fun and edgy fonts and colors to get customer’s attention. She has made loud and vibrant posters to showcase the irony of advertising for night parties that are secretly organized across Dublin.  She does not only create print advertisements, but digital ones as well. This blog is fun to check out because her advertising style is fun and looks effortless in all the different kinds of advertisements she works on.

Style Pantry is a popular blog for young ladies who enjoy fashion, beauty tips and lifestyle blogs that involve food recipes, and current events.  This blog isn’t just for women- there is a section of Style Pantry that is specifically for men as well. This section discusses the newest spring fashion for men and showcases new accessories created by popular designers.  To be quite honest, a lot of time could be spent on this blog because there are many different directions a reader may take. For example, within the realm of fashion, one could start on current runway and couture fashion and end up on everyday wardrobe choices.

Another blog was Chris Brogan, who is the CEO of Owner Media Group.  He gives his honest opinions on how to sell a business’s voice in a way that is effortless and easy to interact with customers.  His blog is interesting because he blogs about valuable information; however, it is expressed in a lay back, easy going, easy to understand manner.  Some of his information can be translated and used in ‘real life’ and not just for a business.  He gives advice on how to see a certain situation differently and in a new light.  It is refreshing to read, as he is the CEO of his company, and is able to easily connect with customers and fellow bloggers on a constant basis.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!


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