“Whatchu know bout me” ?

Hey guys!

It’s about time to actually begin to blog after how long I’ve been slaving away at setting up my account.  I am not particularly positive that all my information is showing up, so here it is in my blog to make sure everyone knows a little something about me.

  • sophomore nursing student- I work on campus within the Department of Student life, and I also babysit my cousins once a week. Being around children makes me want to go into pediatric nursing .
  • love to vacation- I have visited Jamaica and Mexico as well as a few other countries when I was on a cruise over the summer. I love experiencing different countries with friends and family. My bucket list involves traveling to Barcelona and Maine (not sure what attracts me to this area..)
  • not computer savvy- Trying to learn new ways of education, and blogging is a new one that I never imagined to be possible. If anyone has any ideas to help me out throughout this course, please share! 



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