For every class, you go into it expecting to either learn something, or to study the inside of your eyelids. Personally, I like to try to learn something new that I didn’t already know before.  For this class that specializes in different ways of learning, I want to adapt my learning style.  I am what one would say to be a “typical learner”.  I’m used to sitting in lecture and learning by taking notes.

My biggest goal for this semester is to feel comfortable with Second Life and soon! That type of virtual world reminds me a lot of a Sims game, and I was never any good at those either.  I think communicating with classmates will begin to make it easier to understand how the program works.

My last expectation is to learn to work cohesively with each other for this class.  Sometimes, it is hard enough to work as a group in one class where you meet in person, but collaborating with one another online is going to be a challenge! It will definitely improve our communication skills.


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